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I just happen to be 18 years old

Media and Technology

I wish I could explain all the ways that technology has impacted my life thus far. In huge amounts, technology is what we take for granted.

If you’re reading this right now, thank technology.

If you woke up to an alarm clock today, thank technology.

If your food is kept cold in your refrigerator, or can be warmed up using an oven or microwave, thank technology. 

If you know what’s going on in a completely different country that you have no hope of ever traveling to, thank technology for giving you the opportunity to be a servant of the world. Media can be a beautiful thing, giving us the chance to care about things that we should never know anything about.

Our society today revolves around the technology of tomorrow - whether it be socially, academically, or otherwise. The doors have been opened, and it is our job to keep them revolving. 

But it doesn’t stop there.

The technology that we have access to doesn’t just better us, it can save us. Without our technological advances in the field of medicine, we wouldn’t be surrounded by grandparents. We wouldn’t have survivors if we didn’t have the willpower and technology to give us the hope to push through all of the ailments of this world. There are things that words can’t explain, and I attribute that to the technological force that we are gifted with as humans.

Media, as another force entirely, can help us in that same way. Except it’s different in that the media can show us how much better off we are. Like aforementioned, if we take for granted our everyday perks, we can lose sight of what others are denied - and sometimes, those two things are one in the same.

The media’s coverage of such areas of the world that are lacking in the advancements of the 21st century can be seen as a discouragement, but I wouldn’t see it as that.

If we know it or not, the media gives us that same hope that our technology does. 

We can see those less fortunate, and that is just the motivation that we as a species need to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. The rich see hope for the poor, and the poor see hope from the rich.

Granted, I’m not on either extreme or else I wouldn’t be here right now. However, it doesn’t take an extreme person to see what media and technology has done for us - everyday, in the past, and in our future as humans.

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